SSR Database Operating Modes

SSR has both a running configuration and an offline configuration. In addition, the database has two modes of operation: maintenance mode and production mode. The running configuration is the configuration currently running on the SSR database. The offline configuration is used to store the configuration entered through the SRC CLI while the SSR database is running. When you commit your changes through the SRC CLI, the configuration is written to offline configuration. In maintenance mode, database components read the offline configuration. The moment the SSR database is placed into production mode, a snapshot of the offline configuration is taken and saved in to the running configuration. In production mode, SSR database components only read the running configuration. Any configuration changes committed through the SRC CLI are stored in offline configuration and do not affect the SSR database components. Placing the SSR database into maintenance mode causes the SRC components to read from the offline configuration. The previous running configuration is dumped. The purpose of production mode is to protect SSR database components from accidental configuration changes. Maintenance mode allows you to stage configuration changes without impacting your working cluster.

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