Viewing the Status of the SSR Cluster (SRC CLI)


View the status of the SSR database. The IP address and the connection status for each node in the cluster is displayed. This command displays all configured data nodes and management servers, regardless of whether they are connected. However, only client nodes that are connected are displayed.

Note: This command must be issued on a client node with a management server.

To interpret the status, make sure that you have a good understanding of the SSR concepts and terminology.

See Session State Registrar Overview and SSR Node Types.


user@host> show database status
Data Nodes
  Data Node
  Node ID   1
  Connected Yes
  Status    Nodegroup: 0, Master

Management Servers
  Management Server
  Node ID   16
  Connected Yes

Connected Client Nodes
  Client Node
  Node ID        17
  Component Name mysqld

  Client Node
  Node ID        21
  Component Name DSA

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