Configuring the Management Servers in the SSR Cluster (SRC CLI)

At least one client node must host the management server process. For redundancy at least two client nodes must be configured to host management server processes. Each management server must run on a separate client node.

Use the following configuration statement to configure the management server on a client node:

shared database cluster (primary) nodes node address client-node {management-server;}

To configure the management server, perform these steps from any node in cluster and repeat steps for each client node hosting a management server:

  1. From configuration mode, access the statement to configure at least one management server, and specify the IP address of the client node you want to host the management server.
    user@host# edit shared database cluster primary nodes node address client-node
  2. Configure the client node to host a management server.
    [edit shared database cluster primary nodes node address client-node] user@host# set management-server

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