Congestion Point Classification Overview

Congestion point classification allows you to automate and scale the configuration of congestion points. SRC ACP uses classification scripts to determine which congestion point to load for a subscriber. SRC ACP can select the congestion point from congestion point profiles or subscriber profiles.

Congestion Point Classification Scripts

The congestion point classification scripts consist of targets and criteria.

Each script can have multiple targets, and each target can have multiple criteria. When an object needs classification, the script processes the targets in turn. Within each target, the script processes criteria sequentially. When it finds that the classification criteria for a target match, it returns the target to SRC ACP.

Because classification scripts examine criteria sequentially as the criteria appear in the script, you should put more specific criteria at the beginning of the script and less specific criteria at the end of the script.

Congestion Point Profiles

Congestion point profiles are used to share congestion points that are generated based on dynamic configuration information. SRC ACP uses congestion point profiles to determine the set of congestion points based on the classification script results.

Changes that you make to classification scripts do not affect subscriber sessions that are already established.

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