Viewing Statistics for Specific JunosE Device Drivers (SRC CLI)


Display statistics for a specific JunosE device driver.


Use the following operational mode command:

show sae statistics device <name name> < (brief) >

For example:

user@host> show sae statistics device name default@dryad
SNMP Statistics
Add notification handle time       6
Change notification handle time    0
Client ID                          default@dryad
Delete notification handle time    0
Failover IP              
Failover port                      0
Handle message time                60
Job queue age                      0
Job queue time                     4
Number message send                158
Number of added jobs               9
Number of add notifications        4
Number of change notifications     0
Number of delete notifications     0
Number of managed interfaces       4
Number of message errors           0
Number of message timeouts         0
Number of removed jobs             9
Number of user session established 0
Number of user session removed     0
Router type                        JunosE COPS
Up time                            172286
Using failover server              false
Number of active user sessions     100
Number of active service sessions  0

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