Viewing the State of JunosE Device Drivers (SRC CLI)


Display the state of JunosE drivers.


Use the following operational mode command:

show sae drivers <device-name device-name> < (brief) > <maximum-results maximum-results>

For example:

user@host> show sae drivers device-name default@dryad
JunosE Driver
Device name                           default@dryad
Device type                           junose
Device IP                   
Local IP                    
TransportRouter                       default@dryad
Device version                        7.2.0
Start time                            Tue Feb 13 14:18:44 EST 2007
Number of notifications               20
Number of processed added             14
Number of processed changed           0
Number of processed deleted           6
Number of provisioning attempt        30
Number of provisioning attempt failed 0
Number of outstanding decisions       0
Number of SAP                         7
Number of PAP                         1
Number of active user sessions        100
Number of active service sessions    	0
  Job Queue
  Size                  0
  Age (ms)              1
  Total enqueued        28
  Total dequeued        28
  Average job time (ms) 426
  State Synchronization
  Number recovered subscriber sessions              0
  Number recovered service sessions                 0
  Number recovered interface sessions               0
  Number invalid subscriber sessions                0
  Number invalid service sessions                   0
  Number invalid interface sessions                 0
  Background restoration start time                 Tue Feb 13 14:18:49 EST 2007
  Background restoration end time                   Tue Feb 13 14:18:49 EST 2007
  Number subscriber sessions restored in background 0
  Number of provisioning objects left to collect    0
  Total number of provisioning objects to collect   11
  Start time                                        Tue Feb 13 14:18:45 EST 2007
  End time                                          Tue Feb 13 14:18:47 EST 2007
  Number of synched contexts                        7
  Number of post-sync jobs                          6
Session Store Info
Session Store Status                  sessionsCollected
Status Last Update Time               Mon Jul 29 10:26:26 UTC 2013
Current Usage Ratio                   1.0
Last Modified Time		 			  Size(KB) Name  LiveSessionsSize(KB)
Mon Jul 29 10:27:05 UTC 2013 		117.9      storeOps_1_1 117.9

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