SNMP Chassis Alarms on a C Series Controller

You can configure SNMP to establish built-in chassis alarms that monitor the sensors on C Series Controllers. The chassis alarms are preconfigured SNMP monitors that detect changes in the MIB objects described in Juniper-SDX-CHASSIS-TRAP-MIB (Chassis Trap MIB). The chassis alarms are configured to use the Boolean test condition and absolute value sampling method. Each time you start the SNMP agent and you have enabled chassis alarms, the initial action is to raise the clear trap for all chassis sensors.

You cannot delete chassis alarms, but you can disable them. You can modify the time interval between which SNMP samples the value for the chassis alarms. You can also define the alarm thresholds for each chassis alarm.

Note: If you want to use the built-in chassis alarms, you must delete any custom SNMP monitors that you configured to detect changes in the Juniper-SDX-CHASSIS-TRAP-MIB MIB objects.

To configure the chassis alarms, you must set the editing level to expert.

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