Monitoring Activity on C Series Controllers

The SRC software provides logging support and general statistics for SRC components. The Activity Monitor collects diagnostic information about the state of a component at a specific time and archives this information in one file.

You can collect the following information:

The collected information is in a zipped tarball file that is named in the format diagnostic-hostname-productname-YYMMDD-HHMMSS.tar.gz—for example, diagnostic-atlanta-C2000-20110926-184950.tar.gz—and is found in the /opt/UMC/activity/var/diagnostic/ directory. The tarball file contains the diagnostic-info.log file, which contains all the operations performed by the command and their success status. If an error occurred during an operation, the error message is logged.

The Activity Monitor can create graphs from the collected data to help determine the state of the SRC component for troubleshooting. You can view the graphs for the components during a specified time in the C-Web interface.

The generated graphs include data about the C Series Controller:

The generated graphs for the SAE include the following data:

The generated graphs for the components include data generated from the MIBs.

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