Configuration Statements for Customized SRC SNMP Monitors

Use the following configuration statements to configure the SNMP custom monitoring at the [edit] hierarchy level.

snmp monitor {security-name security-name;}snmp monitor alarm name{interval interval;sample-type (absolute-value | delta-value);ignore-startup-alarm;event event;variable variable;strict-oid;}snmp monitor alarm name boolean-test {comparison (equal | unequal | less | less-or- equal | greater | greater-or-equal);value value;}snmp monitor alarm name existence-test {type (present | absent | changed);}snmp monitor alarm name threshold-test {rising-threshold rising-threshold;falling-threshold falling-threshold;}snmp monitor alarm name delta-discontinuity-check {variable variable;}snmp monitor event namenotification {oid oid;strict-object [strict-object...];wildcarded-object [wildcarded-object...];}snmp monitor event name snmp-set {variable variable;value value;strict-oid;}

For detailed information about each configuration statement, see the SRC PE CLI Command Reference.

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