Viewing Statistics for a NIC Host (SRC CLI)


View statistics for a NIC host.


user@host> show nic statistics host
Component Statistics 
Component Name                 /hosts
Number of Components Restart   0
Number of No Match Resolutions 0
Number of Resolution Errors    0
Number of Resolutions          0


Table 29 describes the output fields for the show nic statistics host command. Output fields are listed in the order in which they appear.

Table 29: Output Fields for show nic statistics test

Field Name

Field Description

Component name

Name of component—/hosts indicates NIC host. A specific host has the format /hosts/ hostname.

Number of Components Restart

Number of NIC resolvers and agents that have restarted in the host.

Number of No Match Resolutions

Number of resolution requests that did not return data.

Number of Resolution Errors

Number of errors encountered when processing resolutions requests.

Number of Resolutions

Number of successful data resolutions; for example, the SAE reference for a specified IP address, the login name for a specified IP address, or the SAE reference for a specified login name.

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