Viewing Statistics for the NIC Process (SRC CLI)


View statistics for the NIC process.


user@host> show nic statistics process
Component Statistics 
Component Name process
Heap in use    21545 KB (16%)
Heap limit     131072 KB
Threads        38
Up time        313152  seconds since Mon Jan 06 15:20:15 UTC 2014


Table 28 describes the output fields for the show nic statistics process command. Output fields are listed in the order in which they appear.

Table 28: Output Fields for show nic statistics process

Field Name

Field Description

Component name

Name of component—process indicates the NIC process.

Heap in use

Heap size allocated by the Java Virtual Machine. The percentage indicates the percentage of the heap in use. We recommend that if the percent in use is more than 90% additional heap be allocated for the NIC.

Heap limit

Size of Java heap configured for the NIC.


Number of threads in use.

Up time

Length of time NIC has been running on the system. Includes the date and time at which NIC was last started.

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