Viewing Information About a C Series Controller (SRC CLI)


View information about a C Series Controller.


user@host> show system information
System Identification
Hostname         my-server
Manufacturer     Juniper Networks
Product Name     C-2000
Version          1.0
Serial Number    0207082006000001
UUID             48384441-5254-0030-4859-0030485977EE
Hostid           e30a2e07
Software version SRC PE Release 7.0 [A.7.0.0-151]
System Time
Current time              2007-01-02 17:29:19 EST
Uptime                    15 days, 1:07
Number of active users    3
Load Averages (1m/5m/15m) 0.23/0.22/0.14
Total 15G
Free  12G
CPU Info
Number of CPU Core(s) 4
CPU Model     Dual Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 265
Clock Speed   1804.132 MHz
Disk Information
  Mountpoint       Total Used  Use%
  /                2015M  956M  47%
  /altroot         2015M   35M   1%
  /altvar            29G   75M   0%
  /boot              98M   14M  14%
  /var               31G  216M   0%
System         30.000 degrees C
Physical CPU-1 34.000 degrees C
Physical CPU-2 29.000 degrees C
Fan speed
Fan-1 9375 RPM
Fan-2 9375 RPM

For information about configuring C Series Controllers, see the SRC PE C-Web Interface Configuration Guide.

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