Performance Traps

Trap tables list all the traps supported by the SNMP agent, the text displayed for each trap, trap thresholds and intervals, and any special notes pertaining to the trap.

Table 11 describes the symbols used in the performance traps tables.

Table 11: Symbols in Performance Traps Tables




Severity level of the trap: MINOR, MAJOR, CRITICAL, or CLEAR


Status data


Polling interval


Threshold value


Trap action; displayed as RAISED or CLEARED


“Exceeded” if the trap is raised; “ is below” if the trap is cleared

SRC performance trap tables contain a trap ID, text displayed, and default values for alarm threshold levels, as well as rate (R) and absolute values (AV) fields.


Each performance trap table has a field called R/AV. R means rate, and AV means absolute value.

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