Recovering the root Password (SRC CLI)

If you lose the root password, you will not be able to log in as the root user unless you perform one of these tasks:

Note: Restoring the default configuration replaces the existing configuration with the basic default configuration supplied with the SRC software.

To reset the password with the supplied USB storage device:

Note: This procedure installs all system software, including the operating system, and partitions the system hard drives. As a result, any data, including data previously in the snapshot partition, is lost. To retain a copy of your configuration, save the configuration to afile in XML format and copy that file to an external system before installing the SRC software from the USB storage device.

  1. Plug the USB storage device into the USB port on the C Series Controller.
  2. Connect a console terminal to the C Series Controller.

    See your C Series Controller Hardware Guide.

  3. Power on the system.
  4. At the boot prompt, enter rescue, and follow the instructions on the display to mount the existing system image and go into the shell.
  5. In the shell, use the chroot command to change the root directory to the attached system image.
  6. In the shell, use the passwd command to reset the password.
  7. Exit the shell.
  8. After the C Series Controller reboots and returns to the boot prompt, power off the system and remove the USB storage device before powering on the system.

    The root password should be set to the password you specified in Step 6.

    Note: After you complete this procedure, remember to disconnect the supplied USB storage device. Failure to do so can result in the loss of configuration and data if the system loses power or is rebooted.

To restore the default password from the console by loading the default configuration:

  1. Connect to the console for the C Series Controller.
  2. When the boot menu appears, press a to get to the boot command line.
  3. Enter 4 as the argument at the end of the boot command line to run level 4, which will load the default configuration (including the password) that was supplied with the SRC software.

    The default configuration replaces the existing configuration.

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