Configuration Statements for the SRC SNMP Agent

Use the following configuration statements to configure the SRC SNMP agent at the [edit] hierarchy level.

snmp agent { trap-history-limit trap-history-limit;component-polling-interval component-polling-interval;protocol-log-level protocol-log-level; }
snmp agent initial { base-dn base-dn; host-id host-id; }
snmp agent initial directory-connection { url url;backup-urls [backup-urls...]; principal principal;credentials credentials;protocol (ldaps);timeout timeout;check-interval check-interval;blacklist;snmp-agent;}
snmp agent initial directory-eventing { eventing;signature-dn signature-dn;polling-interval polling-interval;event-base-dn event-base-dn;dispatcher-pool-size dispatcher-pool-size; }
snmp agent java { heap-size heap-size; }
snmp agent logger name ...
snmp agent logger name file { filter filter;filename filename;rollover-filename rollover-filename;maximum-file-size maximum-file-size; }
snmp agent logger name syslog { filter filter;host host;facility facility;format format; }

For detailed information about each configuration statement, see the SRC PE CLI Command Reference.

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