About SRC License Server Alarms

The license server provides notifications when licensing thresholds are exceeded. Table 13 describes the conditions that prompt a warning or an alarm.

Table 13: SRC SNMP Warnings and Alarms


Notification to SRC SNMP Agent

Number of licenses in use exceeds a user-defined threshold.

Minor warning SNMP trap

License reaches its expiration date.

saeUserLicenseExpiry warning SNMP event trap

Number of service sessions exceeds the number available.

saeServiceSessionLicense warning SNMP event trap

Number of licenses in use reaches the license limit.

Major warning SNMP trap

Major alarm state continues for 1 week.

Escalation to critical

The license server continues to run during a critical alarm state but denies all requests for licenses. The license server clears the alarm when the alarm is no longer active.

You can configure the license server to send warnings and alarms, and can configure an SNMP host to receive the warnings and alarms.

Note: The SRC SNMP agent takes no action when it receives any of these traps. You must determine appropriate measures to resolve these warning states.

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