Verifying the Local Configuration for a Component


Verify the local configuration for a component.


  1. From configuration mode, access the configuration statement that configures the slot connection. For example, to verify the slot configuration for the NIC:
    user@host# edit slot 0 nic
  2. Run the show command. For example:
    [edit slot 0 nic ]
    user@host# show 
    base-dn o=umc;
    java-runtime-environment ../jre/bin/java;
    java-heap-size 128m;
    hostname DemoHost;
    initial { 
     dynamic-dn "ou=dynamicConfiguration, ou=Configuration, o=Management,<base>";
      directory-connection { 
        url ldap://;
        backup-urls ;
        principal cn=nic,ou=Components,o=Operators,<base>;
        credentials ********;
        timeout 10;
        check-interval 60;
      directory-eventing { 
        signature-dn <base>;
        polling-interval 15;
        event-base-dn <base>;
        dispatcher-pool-size 1;
      static-dn "l=OnePop,l=NIC, ou=staticConfiguration, ou=Configuration, o=Management,<base>";

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