Configuring Initial Directory Eventing Properties for SRC Components

You can use the default configuration for directory eventing properties, or you can change the configuration to comply with your environment.

The following configuration statements configure initial directory eventing properties for a component:

slot number sae initial directory-eventing {eventing; signature-dn signature-dn ; polling-interval polling-interval ; event-base-dn event-base-dn ; dispatcher-pool-size dispatcher-pool-size ;}

To change directory eventing configuration:

  1. From configuration mode, access the configuration statement that specifies the initial eventing configuration for a component on a slot.
    [edit]user@host# edit slot number component initial directory-eventing

    For example:

    [edit]user@host# edit slot 0 nic initial directory-eventing
  2. (Optional) Specify an interval at which an SRC component polls the directory to check for directory changes.
    [edit slot 0 nic initial directory-eventing]user@host# set polling-interval polling-interval
  3. (Optional) Specify the DN of an entry superior to the data associated with an SRC component in the directory.
    [edit slot 0 nic initial directory-eventing]user@host# set event-base-dn event-base-dn
  4. (Optional) Specify the number of events that an SRC component can receive simultaneously from the directory.
    [edit slot 0 nic initial directory-eventing]user@host# set dispatcher-pool-size dispatcher-pool-size

For information about the default setting for the directory eventing properties, see the SRC PE CLI Command Reference.

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