Configuration Statements for Local Configuration

Use the following configuration statements to configure local properties for a component. You enter these statements at various hierarchy levels for different SRC components. This list shows the configuration common to a number of components. For information about configuration specific to a component, such as SAE, NIC, SRC ACP, or SNMP, see the documentation for that component.

slot number component-name {base-dn base-dn ; java-runtime-environment java-runtime-environment ; java-heap-size java-heap-size ; snmp-agent; }
slot number component-name initial {static-dn static-dn ; dynamic-dn dynamic-dn ; }
slot number component-name initial directory-connection {url url ; backup-urls [ backup-urls ...]; principal principal ;credentials credentials ; protocol (ldaps); timeout timeout ; check-interval check-interval ; blacklist; snmp-agent; }
slot number component-name initial directory-eventing {eventing; signature-dn signature-dn ; polling-interval polling-interval ; event-base-dn event-base-dn ; dispatcher-pool-size dispatcher-pool-size ;}

For detailed information about each configuration statement, see the SRC PE CLI Command Reference.

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