Configuring Initial Properties for the SRC SNMP Agent (SRC CLI)

Use the following configuration statements to configure initial properties for the SRC SNMP agent:

snmp agent initial { base-dn base-dn; host-id host-id; }

To configure properties for the SRC SNMP agent:

  1. From configuration mode, access the configuration statement that configures the SRC SNMP agent.
    [edit]user@host# edit snmp agent initial
  2. Specify the DN of the directory used for the SRC SNMP agent configuration data.
    [edit snmp agent initial] user@host# set base-dn base-dn
  3. Identifies the system management configuration in the directory server that provides the remaining configuration for the SRC SNMP agent.
    [edit snmp agent initial] user@host# set host-id host-id

    If the entry does not exist, the entry and the subentries for the components and traps is automatically created in the system management configuration.

  4. (Optional) Verify your configuration.
    [edit snmp agent initial] 
    user@host# show 
    base-dn o=UMC;
    host-id POP-ID;
    directory-connection { 
     url ldap://;
      principal cn=sysman,ou=components,o=operators,<base>;
      credentials ********;
    directory-eventing { 

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