Changing the Mode of a Juniper Networks Database (SRC CLI)

Because the Juniper Networks database (jdb component) can run in either standalone or community mode, to change modes you must disable the current mode and enable the other mode. Typically, you change from standalone mode, which was used for testing, to community mode for a full deployment.

To change the mode of the Juniper Networks database from standalone to community mode:

  1. Disable standalone mode:
    [edit system ldap server] user@host# delete stand-alone
  2. Enable the database in community mode, and configure the role and neighbors.

    See Enabling the Juniper Networks Database to Run in Community Mode (SRC CLI).

Note: You must configure the Juniper Networks database either in standalone or community mode. Otherwise, the commit is not successful and when you commit the changes, a message indicating that the jdb component is not configured is displayed.

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