Configuring the SNMP Server on the JunosE Router

Access to the SNMP server on the router by an SNMP client is governed by a proprietary SNMP community table. This table identifies communities that have read-only, read-write, or administrative permission to the SNMP Management Information Base (MIB) stored on a particular server.

When an SNMP server receives a request, the server extracts the client’s IP address and the community name. The SNMP server searches the community table for a matching community.

To configure the SNMP agent on the JunosE router:

  1. Switch to the virtual router for which you want to create an SRC client.
    host1#(config)virtual-router <vrName>
  2. Enable the SNMP agent.
  3. Configure at least one authorized SNMP read-write community (SNMPv1/v2c), which provides SNMP client access.
    host1:<vrName>#(config)snmp-server community boston rw
  4. (Optional) Configure a read-only community.
    host1:<vrName>#(config)snmp-server public ro

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