Configuring Flexible RADIUS Authentication Plug-Ins (C-Web Interface)

Flexible RADIUS authentication plug-ins provide the same features as basic RADIUS authentication plug-ins. In addition, they allow you to customize RADIUS authentication packets that the system sends to RADIUS servers and specify which fields are included in the RADIUS authentication packets and what information is contained in the fields.

To set up flexible RADIUS authentication plug-ins:

  1. Click Configure, expand Shared>SAE, and then expand the SAE group for which you want to configure RADIUS plug-ins.
  2. In the side pane, expand Configuration>Plug Ins.
  3. Expand the plug-in that you created for flexible RADIUS authentication, and then click Flex RADIUS Authentication.

    The Flex RADIUS Authentication pane appears.

  4. Click Create, enter information as described in the Help text in the main pane, and then click Apply.

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