Starting the SRC SNMP Agent (C-Web Interface)

You must configure the SNMP agent and then manually start the agent. If you attempt to manually start the SNMP agent before it is configured, the software displays a message that the agent has not been configured and cannot start.

The SNMP agent automatically restarts in the event of a host reboot or process failure that stops the agent.

Before you start the SRC SNMP agent:

  1. Perform the initial configuration tasks on the C Series Controller.
  2. Configure the SRC SNMP agent.

    See Configuring the SRC SNMP Agent (C-Web Interface).

Manually start the SRC SNMP agent the first time it runs. Thereafter, the agent automatically restarts.

To start the SNMP agent:

  1. Click Manage>Enable.
  2. From the Component box, select agent.

The system responds with a start message. If the SNMP agent is already running, the system responds with a warning message indicating that fact.

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