Configuring RADIUS and TACACS+ Authentication on a C Series Controller (C-Web Interface)

The SRC software always performs password authentication on a C Series Controller. You can configure RADIUS and/ or TACACS+ authentication to complement password authentication. In this case, the software performs RADIUS and/or TACACS+ authentication before password authentication.

To configure RADIUS and TACACS+ authentication for users who access a C Series Controller:

  1. Configure the connection to the RADIUS or TACACS+ server.

    See Configuring RADIUS Authentication (C-Web Interface).

    See Configuring TACACS+ Authentication (C-Web Interface).

  2. Configure the authentication order.
  3. Configure template accounts.

    See Using Remote Template Accounts (C-Web Interface) and Configuring a Local SRC User Template (C-Web Interface).

  4. (Optional) Configure individual user profiles.

    See SRC User Accounts Overview.

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