Commands to Control the SRC CLI Environment Overview

In operational mode, you can use commands to control the command-line interface (CLI) environment. For example, you can specify the remote terminal type. The following output lists the options that you can use to control the CLI environment settings.

user@host> set cli ?
Possible completions:
  complete-on-space    Command completion on partial command entry
  directory            Working directory on the system
  language             Terminal language and encoding
  level                Access level for CLI commands
  password             Change the current password
  prompt               CLI command prompt
  screen-length        Number of lines on the screen
  screen-width         Screen width in columns
  terminal             Terminal type

Note: When you use SSH to log in to a C Series Controller or log in from the console when its terminal type is already configured, your terminal type, screen length, and screen width are already set.

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