Displaying Output from the First Match of a Regular Expression

When you use regular expressions, enclose any spaces, operators, or wildcard characters in quotation marks.

For information about common regular expression operators, see table Common Regular Expression Operators in Operational Mode Commands in Using Regular Expressions with the Pipe Symbol.

To display output starting with the first occurrence of text matching a regular expression:

The following example starts displaying information for the show system information command starting with the Current time section of the output:

user@host> show system information |find time   
Current time              2006-10-31 09:34:17 EST
Uptime                    11 days, 17:26
Number of active users    2
Load Averages (1m/5m/15m) 0.09/0.08/0.09
Total 15G
Free  14G
CPU Info
Number of CPU Core(s) 4
CPU Model     Dual Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 265
Clock Speed   1804.137 MHz
Disk Information
  Mountpoint       Total Used  Use%
  /                2015M 1018M  50%
  /altroot         2015M 1015M  50%
  /boot              98M   14M  14%
  /var             5039M  497M   9%
. . .

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