Using Command Completion in Configuration Mode

CLI command completion also applies to commands in configuration mode and to configuration statements.

To display all possible commands or statements:

Command completion also applies to identifiers, with one slight difference.

To display all possible identifiers:

This scheme allows you to enter identifiers with similar names; then press the Spacebar when you are done typing the identifier name.

Examples: Using Command Completion in Configuration Mode

List the configuration mode commands:

user@host# ?
Possible completions:
  commit               Commit a set of changes
  delete               Delete a configuration statement or identifier
  edit                 Specify edit level in hierarchy
  exit                 Exit from this level
  help                 Display help about commands and statements
  history              Display command history
  insert               Insert an identifier
  load                 Load configuration from an ASCII file
  rename               Rename a statement or identifier
  rollback             Discard current set of changes
  run                  Run an operational mode command
  save                 Save configuration to a file
  set                  Set a configuration property
  show                 Display configuration information
  top                  Return to top level of configuration mode
  up                   Move up one level in hierarchy

List all the statements available at the [edit] hierarchy level:

user@host# edit ? 
Possible completions:
> interfaces           Interfaces on the C Series Controller
> policies             Policy configuration
> redirect-server      Redirect server properties
> routing-options      Protocol-independent routing option configuration
> services             Service configuration
> shared               Configure a shared configuration
> slot                 Component configuration
> snmp                 SNMP agent
> subscribers          Subscriber and subscription configuration
> system               System parameters

List all the statements available at the [edit system] hierarchy level:

user@host# edit system ?
Possible completions:
  <[Enter]>            Execute this command
> ldap                 LDAP properties
> login                Login properties
> ntp                  NTP configuration
> radius-server        RADIUS server configuration
> services             System services configuration
> syslog               System log configuration
> tacplus-server       TACACS+ server configuration
  |                    Pipe through a command

List all commands that start with a particular letter or string:

user@host# edit system l?
Possible completions:
> ldap                 LDAP properties
> login                Login properties
user@host# edit system l

List all configured Ethernet interfaces:

user@host# edit interfaces et?
Possible completions:
  <name>               Interface name
user@host# edit interfaces et

Display a list of all configured interfaces:

user@host# show interfaces ?
Possible completions:
  <[Enter]>            Execute this command
  <name>               Interface name
  eth0                 Interface name
  lo                   Interface name
  |                    Pipe through a command
user@host# show interfaces 

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