Verifying System Status

You can use show commands to check system status and monitor system activity.

To help you become familiar with show commands:

  1. Type show ? to display the list of show commands that you can use to monitor the SRC software and C Series Controller.
    user@host> show ?
    Possible completions:
      acp                  Display information about ACP
      cli                  Configure properties for the CLI environment
      component            Display information about SRC components
      configuration        Information about the SRC configuration
      date                 System time and date
      disk                 Configuration for RAID disks
      interfaces           Show interface information
      iptables             Display information about the iptables LINUX tool
      jps                  Display information about the JPS
      nic                  Display information about the NIC
      ntp                  NTP configuration information
      redirect-server      Statistics for redirect server
      route                Show routing table information
      sae                  Display SAE information
      security             Display security information
      system               Display system information
  2. Use the show component command to view the status of installed components.
    user@host> show component 
    Installed Components
    Name      Version                                            Status
    cli       Release: 7.0 Build: CLI.A.               running 
    acp       Release: 7.0 Build: ACP.A.               disabled
    jdb       Release: 7.0 Build: DIRXA.A.             running 
    editor    Release: 7.0 Build: EDITOR.A.            disabled
    redir     Release: 7.0 Build: REDIR.A.             disabled
    licSvr    Release: 7.0 Build: LICSVR.A.            stopped 
    nic       Release: 7.0 Build: GATEWAY.A.           disabled
    sae       Release: 7.0 Build: SAE.A.               running 
    www       Release: 7.0 Build: UMC.A.               disabled
    jps       Release: 7.0 Build: JPS.A.               disabled
    agent     Release: 7.0 Build: SYSMAN.A.            disabled
    webadm    Release: 7.0 Build: WEBADM.A.            disabled
  3. Use the show system information command to view general system information.
    user@host> show system information
    System Identification
    Hostname         myCSeriesController
    Manufacturer     Juniper Networks
    Product Name     C-2000
    Version          1.0
    Serial Number    0207082006000001
    UUID             48384441-5254-0030-4859-0030485977EE
    Hostid           e30a2e07
    Software version SRC Release 2.0 
    System Time
    Current time              2006-12-19 13:52:26 EST
    Uptime                    21:30
    Number of active users    3
    Load Averages (1m/5m/15m) 0.02/0.07/0.02
    Total 15G
    Free  14G
    CPU Info
    Number of CPU Core(s) 4
    CPU Model     Dual Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 265
    Clock Speed   1804.132 MHz
    Disk Information
      Mountpoint       Total Used  Use%
      /                2015M  955M  47%
      /altroot         2015M   35M   1%
      /altvar            29G   75M   0%
      /boot              98M   14M  14%
      /var               31G  829M   2%
    System         30.000 degrees C
    Physical CPU-1 34.000 degrees C
    Physical CPU-2 29.000 degrees C
    Fan Speed
    Fan-1 9375 RPM
    Fan-2 9375 RPM

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