Displaying Commands

The SRC CLI includes several ways to get help about commands.

To use the various Help commands:

  1. Type ? to show the top-level commands available in operational mode.
    user@host> ?
    Possible completions:
      clear                Delete statement
      configure            Enter configuration mode
      disable              Stop an SRC component
      enable               Start an installed SRC component
      exit                 Exit a CLI session
      file                 Perform file operations
      help                 Display help about commands and statements
      history              Display command history
      ping                 Ping remote target
      request              Request service
      restart              Restart an SRC component
      set                  Properties for the CLI environment
      show                 Display information
      ssh                  Open SSH session to another host
      start                Start shell
      telnet               Telnet to another host
      test                 Test a NIC resolution
      traceroute           Trace route to remote host
  2. Type file ? to show all possible completions for the file command.
    user@host> file ?
    Possible completions:
      archive              Archive files from the system (local)
      checksum             Calculate file checksum
      compare              Compare files (local)
      copy                 Copy files
      delete               Delete a file (local)
      list                 List files (local)
      rename               Rename a file (local)
      show                 Show file contents
  3. Type file archive ? to show all possible completions for the file archive command.
    user@host> file archive ?
    Possible completions:
      compress             Compresses the archived file using GNU gzip (.tgz)
    * destination          Name of created archive
    * source               Path of directory to archive

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