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Viewing Subscriber Sessions in the SSR Database by IP Address (SRC CLI)



View subscriber sessions and associated service sessions stored in the SSR database by IP address.


This command must be executed on a client node.

Enter the start address of the IP range. If you do not specify the end-address, only the session with this IP address is displayed.

(Optional) Enter the end address of an IP range. If not specified, only the session that matches start-address is displayed.

(Optional) Enter the VPN ID that the sessions belong to. If not specified, only sessions with public IP addresses are displayed. If value is either “ ” or ‘ ’, display sessions from public network or any VPN.

Enter the maximum number of sessions to display. By default the maximum number of sessions displayed is 25.


user@host> show database subscriber-sessions by-address start-address start-address end-address end-address vpn-id vpn-id maximum-results maximum-result