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Specifying Tracking Plug-Ins for Enterprise Subscribers on Junos OS Routing Platforms


When user-tracking plug-ins are attached to the retailer on routers running the Junos OS, login names are needed to trigger the user-tracking plug-in and generate user-tracking events. Because enterprise subscribers do not have a login name, the SRC VTA cannot get the required user-tracking events.

To allow enterprise subscribers on routers running the Junos OS to use retailer-attached user-tracking plug-ins, configure the EJB adapter plug-in to filter SAE plug-in events for the SRC VTA and send SAE tracking events to the SRC VTA.

To use the EJB adapter plug-in to send events for a specific retailer:

  1. Configure the event admitter of the EJB adapter plug-in (see Configuring the SAE to Send Tracking Events to the SRC VTA (SRC CLI)).

    Specify the PA_USER_DN event attribute with the retailer’s relative distinguished name (RDN). For example, the following event admitter matches events from subscribers in the SP-Quota retailer:

  2. Configure the EJB adapter plug-in as the global subscriber-tracking plug-in for the SAE. See Configuring Tracking Plug-Ins (SRC CLI).

    In the sample procedure, the EJB adapter plug-in called QuotaVTA is configured as the subscriber-tracking plug-in in the nw-area SAE group.