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Configuring Administrative Information for Residential Subscribers (SRC CLI)


Use the following configuration statements to configure administrative information about the subscriber:

To add administrative information about residential subscribers:

  1. From configuration mode, enter the residential subscriber info configuration. In this procedure, peter is the name of the subscriber.

  2. (Optional) Configure a home phone number for the subscriber.

  3. (Optional) Configure a second phone number for the subscriber.

  4. (Optional) Configure a fax number for the subscriber.

  5. (Optional) Configure an e-mail address for the subscriber.

  6. (Optional) Configure the city for the subscriber.

  7. (Optional) Configure the street address for the subscriber.

  8. (Optional) Configure the postal code for the subscriber.

  9. (Optional) Configure the language of the subscriber.

  10. (Optional) Configure the job description of the subscriber.

  11. (Optional) Configure a description for the subscriber.