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    Configuring Basic Local Properties for External Subscriber Monitor

    After you complete the configuration changes, restart External Subscriber Monitor for the configuration changes to take effect. Use the following configuration statements to configure basic local properties:

    slot number external-subscriber-monitor {
    capture-devices capture-devices;
    java-garbage-collection-options java-garbage-collection-option;
    java-heap-size java-heap-size;

    To configure basic local properties:

    1. From configuration mode, access the configuration statement that configures the local properties.

      user@host# edit slot 0 external-subscriber-monitor
    2. Configure the network interfaces on which the DHCP packets need to be captured.

      [edit slot 0 external-subscriber-monitor]
      user@host# set capture-devices capture-devices
    3. Configure the garbage collection functionality of the Java Virtual Machine.

      [edit slot 0 external-subscriber-monitor]
      user@host# set java-garbage-collection-options java-garbage-collection-options
    4. (Optional) If you encounter problems caused by lack of memory, change the maximum memory size available to the JRE.

      [edit slot 0 external-subscriber-monitor]
      user@host# set java-heap-size java-heap-size
    5. (Optional) Verify your configuration.

      [edit slot 0 external-subscriber-monitor]
      user@host# show

    Modified: 2018-09-20