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Modifying Attribute Mapping in an Active SSR Cluster (SRC CLI)


This procedure assumes that you are working with an active cluster and that the SSR database is in production mode. If you are unsure what mode the database is in, see Viewing the SSR Database Mode (SRC CLI).


Any fields in the subscriber sessions table that have a “not null” requirement must be mapped to either a request attribute or variable.

This procedure can be performed from any node in the SSR cluster. To modify the SSR client component attribute associations in an active cluster:

  1. Modify the attribute associations.

    See Mapping SAE Plug-In Attributes to Fields in the Subscriber Sessions Table (SRC CLI).

  2. Commit the configuration.

    See Committing a Configuration and Exiting Configuration Mode.

  3. Place the database into maintenance mode.

    See Placing the SSR Database into Maintenance Mode (SRC CLI).

  4. Verify the cluster configuration changes by viewing the status of the database.

    See Viewing the Status of the SSR Cluster (SRC CLI).

  5. Place the database into production mode.

    See Placing the SSR Database into Production Mode (SRC CLI).