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Configuring Device Templates (SRC CLI)


Device templates specify the make (vendor), model, and capability of the router. Device models are stored in the Juniper Networks database and can be shared by multiple SICs.


When you modify a device template, you must restart the SIC to apply the changes.

Before you configure the device template, you need to configure the device models and dictionaries used by the SIC group. See Configuring the Device Models Supported by the SIC Group (SRC CLI) and Configuring Dictionaries for the SIC Group (SRC CLI).

Use the following statements to configure a device template for the SIC:

To configure a device template for the SIC:

  1. From configuration mode, access the statement that configures the device template and specify a name for the template. For example, to create a device template named dt1 in an SIC group named g1:

    We provide templates for Juniper Networks E Series Broadband Services Routers running JunosE Software release 7.2 or later and for Cisco routers running Cisco IOS Release 12.2SB. These templates include sample global and service templates that you can modify for your specific environment. To specify the Juniper Networks or Cisco template, enter the following device template names:

    • juniper-router-junose-7.2-plus

    • cisco-router-ios-12.2-sb

  2. (Optional) Specify the vendor supported in the device template.

  3. (Optional) Specify the device model name supported in the device template.