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Configuring Service Scopes (SRC CLI)


Adding Service Scopes (SRC CLI)

Use the following configuration statement to configure service scopes:

To add a service scope:

  1. From configuration mode, enter the service scope configuration. In this sample procedure, the scope is called EntJunos.

  2. Configure the precedence of the service scope.

  3. (Optional) Verify your configuration.

Assigning Services and Mutex Groups to Service Scopes (SRC CLI)

To assign services and Mutex Groups to a scope:

  • Add the service or mutex group at the edit services scope hierarchy level.

    For example, to add a service to a service scope called video, enter the following:

Assigning Service Scopes to VRs or Subscribers (SRC CLI)

You can assign multiple service scopes to a VR or subscriber, and you can assign a service scope to multiple VRs and subscribers.

To assign a service scope:

  1. Enter the configuration for the object to which you want to add the service scope. For example:

  2. Assign a scope to the object.