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Creating the COA Script Service (SRC CLI)


To create the script service:

  1. From configuration mode, enter the service configuration. In this sample procedure, the service is configured in the global service scope, and COAservice is the name of the service.

  2. Configure the type of service.

  3. (Optional) Specify whether the service is visible only to administrators who have permission to see secret information.

  4. Configure URL as the type of script that the sample COA script service uses.

  5. Configure as the name of the class that implements the script service.

  6. Configure the URL of the script service or the path and filename of the service. Copy the /lib/coa.jar file used by the script service to a location that is accessible by a URL (such as an FTP or HTTP server). In this sample procedure, the coa.jar file was copied to the /opt/UMC/sae/var/run directory.

  7. (Optional) Verify your configuration.

After you create the script service, you need to configure parameters for the script service. For more information about configuring script services and parameters, see SRC Script Services Overview.