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Configuring the PTSP Policer Instance (SRC CLI)


Optionally, configure one or more policer instances that can be referenced by one or more PTSP policer-ref actions. The policer instance can be shared by different service rules inside the same policy list. If the policer instance is shared, all packets matching any of the service rules are policed together.


You need to configure a policer instance only if a policy rule references the policer.


For PTSP you must:

  • Set the role of the policy list to junos-ptsp

  • Set the policy list rule type to ptsp-service-rule

  • Set the policy list applicability option to both

  • Create a policer instance.

Use the following configuration statements to configure the policer instance:

To configure a policer instance:

  1. (Optional) From configuration mode, create a policer instance. In this example the policer instance is called policer1.
  2. (Optional) Specify the bandwidth for the policer instance.

    Enter an integer between 8000–40000000000 bits per second.

  3. (Optional) Specify the maximum burst size for the policer instance.

    Enter an integer between 1500–100000000000 octets.