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Configuring Traffic Match Conditions for PTSP Classify-Traffic Conditions (SRC CLI)


Use the following configuration statements to configure traffic match conditions for PTSP classify traffic conditions.

To add traffic match conditions to PTSP classify-traffic conditions:

  1. From configuration mode, enter the traffic condition configuration. For example:

  2. (Optional) Configure the application protocol to match.

  3. (Optional) Configure a list of application groups to match for this policy.

  4. (Optional) Configure a list of nested applications to match this policy.

    Separate items in the list with commas.

  5. (Optional) Configure the term-precedence for this term in a given policy in relation to other terms. Lower precedence terms are searched first. Precedence matters only within the same class of policies, either dynamic or static. Terms with the same precedence may be evaluated in any order.

    Enter an integer in the range 1–254.

  6. (Optional) Verify the filter condition configuration.