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Configuring GateSpec Actions (SRC CLI)


You can configure GateSpec actions for PCMM policy rules. See Policy Information Modelfor more information.

The type of action that you can create depends on the type of policy rule. See Policy Information Model.

Use the following configuration statements to configure GateSpec actions:

To configure a GateSpec action:

  1. From configuration mode, enter the GateSpec action configuration.

  2. (Optional) Configure the priority bits in the session class ID. The priority describes the relative importance of the session as compared with other sessions generated by the same policy decision point.

  3. (Optional) Configure the preemption bit in the session class ID. Use the preemption bit to allocate bandwidth to lower-priority sessions.

  4. (Optional) Configure the configurable bit in the session class ID.

  5. (Optional) Enter a description for the GateSpec action.

  6. (Optional) Verify the GateSpec action configuration.