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Configuring Forwarding Instance Actions (SRC CLI)


You can configure forwarding instance actions for routers running the PTSP feature. This action specifies a forwarding instance to assign to flows that match this policy.


For PTSP you must:

  • Set the role of the policy list to junos-ptsp

  • Set the policy list rule type to ptsp-service-rule

  • Set the policy list applicability option to both

  • Create a policer instance.

Use the following configuration statements to configure a forwarding instance action:

To configure a forwarding instance action:

  1. From configuration mode, enter the forwarding instance configuration. For example:
  2. (Optional) Specify a forwarding instance to assign to flows matching the policy.

    Allowed values are __same__, or one of the forwarding instances configured on the router. The value __same__ forwards the flow in whatever forwarding instance it came in or is set from static configuration.

  3. (Optional) Specify a forwarding unit to assign to flows matching this policy. Forwarding unit specifies the multiservice interface unit number for forward flows to in order to reach the forwarding instance specified by the attribute forwarding-instance. Note that there is only a very loose coupling between this unit number and the forwarding instance. The binding between them only happens with the aid of additional router configuration.

    Enter a value in the range 0–16384.

  4. (Optional) Enter a description for the forwarding instance action.
  5. (Optional) Verify the forwarding instance action configuration.