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Specifying Connections to the Application Managers (SRC CLI)


Use the following configuration statement to configure the application manager–to–policy server interface (PKT-MM3) so that the policy server can communicate with application managers:

To configure the connections to the application managers:

  1. From configuration mode, access the configuration statement that configures the application manager–to–policy server interface.

  2. (Optional) Specify the network-wide unique identifier for this JPS instance.

    Changes apply only to COPS connections that are established after you make the change.

  3. (Optional) Specify the local IP address on which the JPS listens for incoming connections from application managers.

    Changes take effect only after you restart the JPS (see Restarting the JPS (SRC CLI)).

  4. (Optional) Specify whether to validate PCMM objects received from PDPs.

  5. (Optional) Specify the maximum length of incoming messages.

  6. (Optional) Specify the size of message read buffer.

  7. (Optional) Specify the size of message write buffer.

  8. (Optional) Specify the maximum time to wait for the initial PCMM messages to be exchanged after a TCP connection is established.

    The connection is dropped when initial PCMM messages are not exchanged within this time period.

  9. (Optional) Verify your configuration.