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    Configuring a Virtual Router Object for DPI

    You must create a virtual router object in the router to which the subscriber logs in, and attach the DPI service scope to the virtual router.

    Each time a DPI script service is invoked by an activation, deactivation, or interim accounting request, the script service checks the service involved to see if the configuration in the service’s parameter substitutions is different or newer than the parameters in the script service’s configuration. If so, the script service instance updates its configuration according to the service. This functionality means you can change the configuration of the script service by updating the parameter substitutions in the service.

    If you want to use the same DPI configuration throughout your network, make sure that all DPI script services have the same configuration. If you have several SLEs in your network that are responsible for the traffic coming from different sets of routers, you must ensure that the DPI script service gets the appropriate configuration on a per router basis. You can accomplish this by putting the script services into a scope and attaching the scope to the router for an SLE. Every service in the scope must have the same configuration so that the correct SLE handles all subscribers on routers that use the scope.

    To attach a service scope to a virtual router configuration, configure the name of the DPI service scope for the DPI for the Scope field option of the virtual router configuration. See SRC PE Network Guide.

    Modified: 2018-09-20