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Commands to Manage Simulated Subscribers


You can use the following operational mode commands to manage simulated subscribers.

  • request sae login ipv4 authenticated-dhcp

  • request sae login ipv4 authenticated-interface

  • request sae login ipv4 unauthenticated-dhcp

  • request sae login ipv4 unauthenticated-interface

  • request sae logout dn

  • request sae logout ip

  • request sae logout login-name

  • request sae logout session-id

  • show sae subscribers

  • show sae subscribers accounting-user-id

  • show sae subscribers dn

  • show sae subscribers ip

  • show sae subscribers login-name

  • show sae subscribers session-id

For detailed information about each command, see the SRC PE CLI Command Reference.