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Example: Using Service Scopes to Deliver a Limited Set of Services to Organizations


You can use service scopes to create a limited set of services to be made available to specified organizations. For enterprise users, you could define a set of services available on the routers running JUNOS Software.

To deliver a small set of services to specified enterprises:

  1. Create a scope for the services to be made available. For example, see the EntJunos scope in the sample data.

  2. Add services to the scope, such as those in the sample data in the EntJunos scope.

  3. Assign the scope to one or more enterprise subscribers. For example, assign the EntJunos scope to the Acme enterprise.

  4. Verify your configuration.

If you use a portal to manage enterprises, you see only the services for the specified scope from the portal. Other services are not visible to the IT managers who manage services and subscriptions from the enterprise service portal. To see the services available to Acme from Enterprise Manager Portal, see the SRC PE Sample Applications Guide.