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Example: Subscriber Classification Scripts for Static IP Subscriber


In cases such as bridged 1483 DSL with a single subscriber, you can write the subscriber classification script so that it loads a specific subscriber profile. If the interface is matched to a subscriber profile, a subscriber session is immediately established. An SAE application (for example, a portal) can still force the subscriber with this subscriber profile to perform a Web login.

One way to achieve the mapping of subscriber interface to subscriber profile is to provision the assigned interface name in the associated subscriber profile in LDAP. In this case the subscriber classification script can include a rule like this:

Another way may include a special encoding of the interface alias (ifAlias) field of the subscriber interface. This encoding must then be provisioned when the interface for the subscriber is provisioned. In this example, the encoding SAE-username is chosen for ifAlias; for example, for subscriber juser the interface alias would be set to SAE-juser. The match is performed with a regular expression, which separates the user ID from the ifAlias prefix.