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Example: Subscriber Classification Scripts for Enterprise Subscribers


For enterprise subscribers, you can create one general subscriber classifier script that matches a unique subscriber profile to each managed router interface. The subscriber profile is the access subscription that represents an Internet access in an enterprise. The following examples show two approaches to creating the general classifier script. You can use one of these strategies or a combination of strategies.

Matching on the Interface Name

In this scenario, you configure the interface name field in the access subscription for the site to match an interface on the router. The format for the interface name could be: interfaceName@virtualRouterName@routerName. You then create a classification script that searches for subscriber profiles that match a specific interface. For example:

Matching on the Interface Alias

For JunosE routers, you can configure the interface description on the router in a format that the classifier script can match to the interface alias in an access subscription. In a simple case, you can configure the interface description only for interfaces that terminate a managed CPE, and match them to the interface alias in the directory. The subscriber classifier could be configured as follows: