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    SRC Script Services for DPI

    Every subscriber must have at least one DPI script service active during subscriber login. This DPI script service corresponds to a service bundle in the SLE that provides the default policy for processing subscriber traffic. To match the service bundle with the script service, the service bundle must have the same name as the DPI script service and be prefixed by SDX_. For example, if the script service is called dpiService1, the service bundle must be called SDX_dpiService1.

    You can create a service scope to hold your script services. Putting a script service in a service scope allows the service to be used in different regions of the network. (See Configuring a Virtual Router Object for DPI for more information.) The DPI sample data contains a service scope called DPI. You can model your script services after the sample data.

    After you configure a service scope, you need to configure script services for the scope and configure parameters for the script service. For more information about configuring service scopes, script services, and parameters, see Configuring Service Scopes (SRC CLI).

    Modified: 2018-09-20