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Example: Activating Services for a Group of Subscriber Sessions


A subscriber classification script can assign a shared subscriber profile and a login name to a subscriber session for a group of interface subscriber sessions. The following example assigns the login name idp@idp to subscriber sessions for JunosE interfaces that have core specified as the ifAlias (as configured on the JunosE router).

You can use this type of subscriber classification to activate a service for a group of interface subscriber sessions that are to be treated the same. For example, in the configuration for an aggregate service, a fragment service could be created for all subscriber interface sessions on interfaces identified by the ifAlias core on a virtual router. The subscriber reference expression in the configuration for the fragment service would reference the virtual router name and the login name, such as vr = “<- virtualRouterName ->”, login_name = “idp@idp.”

You can also use the SAE CORBA remote API to get lists of the subscriber sessions that share the same login name.